Photo: Chelsey  Begay

Chelsey Begay

  • Program Coordinator

/ (505) 277-2720

Ya’at’eeh, shi ei Chelsey Begay yiniishye. Ta’neeszahnii nishli, Tl’aashchi’i bashishchiin. Tachii’nii ei dashicheii doo Ashiihi ei daschinali. English translation: Greetings, my name is Chelsey Begay. I am the Tangle Clan born for the Red Streak Bottom Clan. My grandfathers are the Red Running into the Water Clan and the Salt People Clan. I am from the To’Hajiilee Navajo Reservation.

I received my Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Planning and Design with a minor in Native American Studies from UNM, Summer 2012. I served as an Administrative Assistant in the Dean’s Office of the School of Architecture and Planning before transitioning to iD+Pi. I am currently a graduate student in the Community and Regional Planning program, with a concentration in Indigenous Planning.