Red Lake Chapter House Design Guidelines

Tribe: Navajo

Project Name: Red Lake Chapter House Design Guidelines

Project Type: Community engagement

Project Location:  Red Lake/Navajo, NM

Main Contact: Michaela Shirley

SA+P Faculty: Ted Jojola

Student Assistants: Geraldene Blackgoat and Diane Beall

Project Summary:  The outcome of this activity was to assist the Red Lake Chapter in the development of preliminary design guidelines for a new chapter house.  The Indigenous Design and Planning Institute (iD+Pi) held a three community focus groups with the women, elders and general public, and youth on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 at the Red Lake Chapter House.  The community engagement entailed:

  • Participants drawing chapter house/community signs to gauge how they wish to see their Chapter represented to visitors;
  • A facilitated discussion about likes and dislikes of the existing chapter house;
  • A presentation and discussion of two UNM Landscape Architecture student videos that featured design projects; and,
  • Prioritizing chapter house ideas using a concentric circle diagram for the new chapter house.

Project Topic