Nambe Pueblo



Tribe: Nambe Pueblo

Project Name: Plaza Revitalization Project

Project Type: Landscape Architecture

Project Location: Nambe Pueblo, NM

Main Contact: Nichole Carnevale, Lt. Gov. Gary Talachy

SA+P Faculty: Ted Jojola, Francisco Uvina, Laura Harjo, Lynn Paxson, Moises Gonzales

Project Summary:  The village community of Nambe Pueblo has undergone rapid change. The village population has dispersed and its historic plaza has experienced a decline of buildings and the general deterioration of the site. iD+Pi was asked to develop a plan for the historic restoration of this plaza. This is anticipated to be a yearlong project with several different components. Nambe pueblo has received funding from the National Park Service (NPS).

During the 2013 summer iD+Pi worked collaboratively with the Community and Regional Planning (CRP)  program to hold a Summer Seminar. The seminar was called " iTown: Indigenous Town Design ". The course had 6 graduate students  (5 of them were Native American) and one undergraduate student (he was also Native American). In addition, two student interns from the Pueblo of Nambe were hired by the tribe to assist in the studio. The seminar focused on the development of a historic preservation plan. 

A Summer studio was offered in 2013  and entailed the following activities:

  • Historic Preservation Plan -Community engagement
  • Assessment of environmental conditions and drainage patterns
  • Production of high resolution photos and maps
  • Youth and architecture
  • GIS/ AutoCAD Training

They already have a number of staff who have basic skills in these programs. The efforts entailed making sure that files produced by the studio can transfer and that staff are able to continue to use or improve any products that are generated. The summer studio was completed on July 30,2013.  The final report is currently being finalized and Physical 3D models are being worked on. These were given to the tribe on January 31, 2014.



Project Topic