Featured Publications

UNM’s Indigenous Design and Planning Institute Forges Its Role in Placemaking, Jojola, T. and Shirley, M., co-authors, Green Fire Times. Fall 2016.

UNM Architecture studio creating designs for Zuni Pueblo Main Street, Gonzales, C., UNM Newsroom. Spring 2017

Indigenous Planning: Replanting the Roots of Resistance, Jojola and Shirley, coauthors, The Routledge Handbook of Community Development, edited by Sue Kenny, Brian McGrath, and Rhonda Phillips. Fall 2017.

A Living Archive of Urban Indians, De Rosa, E., Jojola, T., and Shirley, M., co-authors, Visit ABQ Blog Post. Fall 2018

Native-Focused Funding & Opportunities, Jojola, T. ArtPlace America Blog. Fall 2018.

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