Imagining America 20th Anniversary National Gathering Albuquerque, NM

With belonging, indigeneity, and migration serving as framing concepts, IA invites proposals that advance public scholarship, dialogue, collaboration, research, programs, and advocacy on realizing an America that, as in Langston Hughes’ mighty dream, is the land it must be – a place of opportunity and equality for all.

Featured Publications

UNM’s Indigenous Design and Planning Institute Forges Its Role in Placemaking, Jojola, T. and Shirley, M., co-authors, Green Fire Times. Fall 2016.

UNM Architecture studio creating designs for Zuni Pueblo Main Street, Gonzales, C., UNM Newsroom. Spring 2017

Indigenous Planning: Replanting the Roots of Resistance, Jojola and Shirley, coauthors, The Routledge Handbook of Community Development, edited by Sue Kenny, Brian McGrath, and Rhonda Phillips. Fall 2017.