Santo Domingo Pueblo Community Assessment

Tribe: Santo Domingo Pueblo

Tribal Contact: Amanda Montoya

Project Type: Community engagement

Location: Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM

UNM Contact:

UNM Faculty:Ted Jojola

Students:Shynoke Ortiz, Saray Argumedo, Bruce Armstrong, Tiffany Calabaza, Christopher Chavez, Angelina Grey, Alina Gurung, Sandra Anderson

Project Image

Project Summary:


Main Contact: Amanda Montoya
Student Assistant: Tara Prendergast

The outcome of this activity was to assist the Santo Domingo Pueblo in the development of a comprehensive plan.  The Indigenous Design and Planning Institute (iD+Pi) partnered with Amanda Montoya, MCRP, professional community planner, to conduct a community assessment.  The community assessment aligned its findings in order to cover the following elements of the comprehensive plan:
• Cultural Values/Core Values
• Vision Statement
• Economic Development
• Land Use
• Housing & Livable Communities
• Environmental Sustainability
• Transportation & Connectivity (Long Range Transportation Plan)
• Infrastructure (Facilities and Utilities)
• Health & the Foundations of Well-being
• Hazard Mitigation & Community Resiliency
• Education