Menīkānaehkem Conceptual Site Plan

Tribe: Menominee Nation

Tribal Contact: Guy Anahkwet Reiter

Project Type: Conceptual master planning

Location: Menominee Nation, WI

UNM Contact:Michaela Shirley

UNM Faculty:Ted Jojola


Project Image

Project Summary:

As participants of the Indigenous Planning Summer Institute 2019, the students were honored to connect with members of Menīkānaehkem for a planning session regarding an overview of their goals, challenges, and futuristic strategies. Throughout this studio, they had critical discussions of how Menīkānaehkem can develop planning based on their overall purpose, in relation to their available physical space. They were able to identify specific assets at Menīkānaehkem, and some assets which have not yet come into fruition but are definite possibilities in the near future. As future planners, we worked to transform these ideas into a seven generational thought process. They collaborated with members of Menīkānaehkem as well as colleagues at the Sustainable Design Institute to compile an inclusive plan developed for on-site projects, including a recently acquired parcel on Koon Lake.