Tribal Planners Round Table

The New Mexico Tribal Planner’s Roundtable is an assembly of practitioners and planners from many of the tribes in New Mexico who meet to discuss issues common to them.  Tribal planning is different from municipal and county planning, and tribal planners run into a unique set of challenges.

  Two planners from the Pueblos of Laguna and Santo Domingo created the Roundtable in 2010 as a forum to discuss planning and project management in tribal communities, including how planners address problems and issues within Native American communities.  In the Roundtable planners share about the projects they are working on and discuss “best practices” and solutions to planning problems.  The Roundtable is also used for networking and for identifying resources that are available to tribal planners.

 The Roundtable encourages planning students to participate so that they have a better understanding of tribal planning.